Public Apology

I would like to publicly apologize to the driver of the green SUV, UT plate # Z21 6JF for forcing you across the double yellow line as you passed me climbing the overpass heading into Spanish Fork. I am sorry for the fear that you experienced by not being able to see oncoming traffic because of the crest of the hill. Also, thank you for informing me that I should get off my bike and walk it if there is too much debris on the shoulder. I am so sorry for implying that if you encounter a slow moving vehicle you should slow down and wait behind it until it is safe and legal to pass. Furthermore I was unaware that you were headed to work and I was just being “egotistical and getting a workout”. It was my mistake to mention that I too was going to work, hence the bag I was carrying, because as you kindly pointed out, that was irrelevant. Lastly I would like to apologize for just riding away and not bitch-slapping you back into reality, cause you clearly needed that.